Ali McIntosh: the Nutritionist tackling some of                                                 Life's Big Questions 

  • How can I maintain my health as I age?
  • I’m interested in a raw food diet – but will it improve my health?
  • My daughter wants to be vegan: how can I support her?
  • Is calorie restriction a good idea?
  • I seem to catch every bug going – what can I do?
  • Must I really give up chocolate?
  • Eating well for one
  • My doctor says I have gout – what should I eat/avoid?

 And for the time-oppressed professional                                                 in Health Care, Food or Associated Fields

Getting enough time to make a thorough check on the latest research findings – from clinical trials to observational data - on specific nutrients or foods, new treatments and protocols, can be really difficult.

I can search a range of databases and make a fully-referenced report on topics you require whether you need it from peer-reviewed scientific literature or from reputable authors or websites.