Initial consultation             40 - 60 minutes                  £45

Time to get acquainted: tell me about yourself, what you like to eat and what you would like to find out more about. I will give you a Client Profile form and a 4 Day Food Diary for you to fill in at home and send back to me.

Main consultation                60 minutes                           £60

This meeting takes place about 2 weeks after I receive your completed Client Profile form and 4 Day Food Diary from you. I will have a report for you depending on your requirements: whether Dietary Analysis, a specific enquiry or both, with advice and suggestions that we can discuss.

Follow-up                                 40 minutes                           £40

A review of your progress, discussion of any questions which you may have or further information you require. Follow-up appointments can be as and when needed.



Dietary Analysis                                                                      £50

An analysis of your completed 4 Day Food Diary considering your nutrient and energy intake as well as your physical activity levels and energy output.

Special Report Service                                                           £80

For nutrition professionals or for clients requiring up-to-date, reliable, evidence-based information on a specific topic or area of interest (without requiring a personal dietary analysis). This may be, for example, regarding particular macro or micro nutrients, the nutritional management of a health condition or of a life event (such as pregnancy, older age, convalescence, etc).


Talks, discussion and workshops with community groups: nutrition for older people, families, teens, etc.

NB: Payment is at or before each Consultation and is only by cash or cheque.
(Concessions available for unwaged clients - call for further information)


The Bampton Clinic
Moonraker Lane
OX18 2JH


Parking and directions 


Home visits and alternative venues can also be discussed.

Tel: 07932 727917