“My husband and I spent some time with Ali a few months ago as follow up to the results of her findings when she analysed the three day food and exercise diaries we had completed for her. 

We found her to be a friendly, approachable, knowledgeable lady who was eager to help us find the optimum nutrition suited to our individual dietary and health needs as well as our lifestyle needs. 

She also researched my medications and included notes on possible impact these may have on my nutrition and general health and energy. 

Thank-you Ali!”
From Mrs A S

“I found my consultation with Ali very beneficial.   My energy and digestion have really improved.   The mental fogginess is improved – a lot.  With experimentation, reducing carbs that were quite high in sugar e.g. replacing muesli with unprocessed oat groats, eating more beans, vegetables and fish.  The difference in concentration made the change worthwhile and easy – I just blanket avoid them now (unless offered cake made specially for me!).

The other thing that makes a big difference to my digestion is reducing stress, taking time in the morning to have my breakfast when I am ready and not rush.

A key thing for me was going from the food diary to try different things and avoiding gluten and reducing dairy also; Ali’s immense knowledge of nutrition and seeing the evidence from my food diary really helped me make the changes.”

From Marie

“To whom it may concern:

Ali’s method was to discuss my nutritional history after I had completed a food diary. Together we completed a comprehensive survey which covered food types, dietary amounts etc. The analysis was fed back (!) in the form of a spreadsheet which clearly demonstrated what I was lacking and also where I could reduce intake. The analysis confirmed some of my medical issues such as indigestion and reflux. It also produced some surprises in terms of vitamin deficiencies. Where Ali’s approach really helped is in her helpful follow-up document which gave me practical suggestions of how to improve my diet with recommended guidelines.”

From GK